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Lazyb - Anton Butler
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Lazy B

Anton Butler

The Lazy-B label was established in 1989. In the years before, while working as an airbrush artist for South African big wave legend Jonathan Paarman, he encouraged me to start shaping and has been my mentor since. It is a great source of pride for me that I shape his personal surfboards.
I strive to produce boards of the highest quality. The research and development is continuous through myself and team riders Chris Bertish, Johnny Paarman and John Farrel. In 1991, Lazy-B surf acquired the rights to manufacture Xanadu Surfboards in South Africa, one of the first international labels to reach our shores. It has been of huge benefit to me - and ultimately to you as a surfer - because I have been exposed to the latest design trends from the USA. To date, I have shaped almost 5,000 surfboards. whether beginner or pro.

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